Prediction Method Continued


I will post my monthly and advanced weather predictions on the 'Forecasts' page as and when they fall due, so that all may see just how the system and methodology operates. It is not perfect yet, but then who is perfect?


The monthly data comprises four sections:

The preamble: This is editor’s perks, where comment is freely made about topics in the previous month or current monthly, matters to consider, what to look out for in particular and any warning notices. Sometimes too, some rebuttal comment in reply to some newspaper or other such spurious comment concerning the weather. Some may not like it, but it is my site and this is a democracy. However, a new feature will be an extension to the comment page, where I will put any comments (suitable for printing) from the readership, and also show the extent of the queries I get asked, the good, bad and ugly will appear on a monthly basis

Monthly data sheet: This contains all the relevant detail pertinent to the month in word format starting with the actual data and then expanding into the saws/sayings for that month; these saw/sayings often give good data for the months ahead, and, if used wisely, can be superb indicators of advance weather. I ‘work’, that is to say I use such saws/sayings on a daily basis to be always a year ahead of the current date – why so long? Because ‘one day telleth another,’ and that vital snippet of information missed or noted may well, in months ahead, be the vital clue/piece in the jigsaw/crossword that is my methodology.

Simple spreadsheet: This is an ‘at a glance’ spreadsheet of the month, an easy simple reference sheet consisting of columns of data. Going across the page you will see the date; day; moon phase; weather relative to that phase; if it is Day of Prediction (DoP); a Saint or Holy Day; an ‘other’ day; an apogee or perigee day; Equinox or eclipse day plus also highest spring tides; Met Office quiet or stormy days; Buchan warm or cold periods; Supermoon dates. Therefore a comprehensive easy at a glance reference sheet for each day of the month; the intimate detail of each entry can be found in the data sheet or by reference to the points already given.

Singularities: This final spreadsheet for the month gives highly technical accepted data by established meteorologists, that in their wisdom they have designated as events with certain regular weather characteristics called singularities. You will notice that this data bears a remarkable resemblance to the data on the previous spreadsheet – yet the previous spreadsheet is the culmination of my own collated data from numerous sources over many years. This spreadsheet here has headings above each column – and reference to the book page will define the books from where this data was gleaned. It is also included as a form of rebuttal/defence to the ‘expert opinion,’ that makes much of the fact that this website contains nothing proven or reliable, and as such is a collection of myth and fantasy! Maybe too then this spreadsheet is of the same ilk, since the data here is near identical to the previous spreadsheet?

Therefore the data for each month I hope is explained above. If there questions then please use the contact sheet on the website and I will reply – but please give your correct e-mail address. The advance quarterly seasonal predictions also give much detail but only have a detailed weather only preamble, brief data sheet and spreadsheet.

Hopefully when I find time the current photographic page – currently blank – will start to be filled up before not too long too.

My aim is to encourage readers to explore this fascinating subject further, in short, to try to, without wishing or appearing to be neither impertinent nor condescending, educate everyone on what a wonderful world nature provides. All you have to do is to look and see, stick with me and I will promote this endeavour and try to impart some of the knowledge to you.

To further encourage interest I have included on the 'Further Information' page some essential books on trees, flowers, insects and birds. Why? If you cannot identify a tree, insect, flower or bird then you lose the important data this reveals, and it is what nature reveals, that, when interpreted accurately, gives the vital data to predict the weather in advance.

The website will expand on each of these subjects, hopefully they are congent and intelligent, they are ment to educate, entertain and expand knowledge, if you have a problem or question please do not hesitate to contact me.

Similarly, if you have comments, good bad or indifferent or pertinent practical suggestions, then please contact me, I am always open to betterment.